My Uterus is More Important Then Hungry Families

hungry families
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The funniest thing happened to me the other day. Since I have had problems with my reproductive organs, I headed out to my OBGYN for my quarterly checkup. This time around he wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure that my uterus was sound! The funny thing was that there was something there that the doctor or I had never before seen. Upon closer inspection, it was a stamped message that read “Property of the United States Government”. Imagine how shocked I was! How in the heck did they get in there, especially without me knowing? While that will forever remain a mystery, it would seem that this has become common practice.  Apparently, at least according to several states and their leaders (*cough, cough, Republicans*), as well as the religious right, what happens inside my uterus is top priority. Never mind the financial crisis America is facing. Who cares about the fact that we just found out that we are routinely being spied on by god knows who. Screw the fact that a large majority of Americans are living below the poverty line. Who cares that the unemployment rates are soaring. Forget about the kids that go to bed hungry every night. The main problem in America is what I decide to do with my body. In an alternate universe this may be valid, but this is not a Twilight Zone episode, although it would certainly make a good one. This is real life and a total smoke screen to make people focus on small and personal issues so they don’t turn their eyes towards the fact that our government is doing all sorts of nasty things they would rather us not be privy too. So instead of confronting those issues, they attack women and apparently, put stamps of ownership on their uteruses. Perhaps they use alien abduction techniques to get the job done. I won’t think too hard on that though.

For the purpose of this article I do not mind to personally divulge. I have had an abortion. No I am not ashamed of it and no I do not regret it. I regret getting myself into the position to have needed to make the choice (notice I said CHOICE) but that is all. That was 18 years ago so why bring up this issue now? The answer is that the government is pushing me to the edge with this debate that has no place being a debate. Just today, Texas and North Carolina (NC being the state in which I reside) passed bills on abortion. (As if there were not enough restrictions in place already.) Last year North Carolina passed the law that before a women goes through with an abortion, they must take a good hard look at the ultrasound machine so they can see what they are “killing”.  To me and many other women, this was one step too far. How dare they abuse women in this way? It was all fine and dandy when they sat us down and explained all of our other options (As if we didn’t already know them) and that was okay by me. There’s nothing wrong with valid education. But REQUIRING us to stare at a blob of cells on a black and white screen? Well that is just straight out abuse. But that was last year and this is now. Let’s take a look at the latest crap that has been laid on women and their uteruses.

At first glance, I had no problem with the new bill passed in Texas. The first part states that all abortions will be banned once the woman is past 20 weeks pregnant. Most states already have this law in place and I agree with it. I am of the opinion that a woman should already know if they are going to abort well before the 20 week deadline. In fact, if it were up to me I would lower the law to 16 weeks, but I digress. As I kept reading I was no longer okay with what had just happened in the death penalty state. The new law also states that there are too many abortion clinics in the state and several of them will have to close their doors. In fact, the BBC reports that “most of the state’s abortion clinics” would be shut down. As if this were not bad enough, “the bill would require all abortion procedures to be performed at a surgical center, and mandate all doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic.” What this leaves is a total of 6 abortion clinics meeting these outrageous criteria.

Now onto North Carolina. I am originally from New York so please do not lump me in with these people here. I just live here; I am forever a New Yorker. Now, prepare yourself to be pained by the stupidity that is coming. North Carolina has wasted time and tax payer money to set a law that requires a doctor to be present when an abortion is being done. What? Aren’t they always there? Aren’t they the ones that do the procedure? I swear I have never seen a classified ad stating “Abortion performer wanted. Must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma and be okay with seeing blood. Pay is $8-$10 per hour depending on experience.” But here is the real kicker; it is now illegal to have gender selective abortions. This takes ignorance to a whole new level. First of all, most people who are candidates for abortions are unable to know the gender of the baby in the first place due to the age of the pregnancy, unless they have an endless amount of money to have an amino done when they first find out that they pregnant. (This is rare.) But let’s say this is the case. What person in their right mind would walk into an abortion clinic and say “I am here to terminate my pregnancy because my amino said it’s a boy and I really had my heart set on a girl.” The answer is nobody would. So how did wasting time and money to pass this law help in anyway? I for one think it is disgusting for anyone to have a gender selective abortion but how in the world could it be proven that this is what is actually going on unless the woman tells people? There is no way to enforce this law that the taxpayers just paid to get passed. It is equal to the stupidity that committing suicide is illegal. You just have to stop and say “HUH?” And, just like in the Texas deal, operating laws will change making abortion clinics more like ambulatory surgery centers. According to NC Planned Parenthood, this will lead to major clinic shut downs. This is simply disgraceful and until my uterus begins giving birth to gold bullions, the government should stay out of it, and even then, they would have to fight me for the gold! It is time to take drastic measures in order to remind NC and every other state in America about the outcome of Roe vs. Wade. My suggestion would be to gather all the wire clothes hangers you can find in your closet and dump them on the steps of the legislative building. That will get their attention!

Tanya Glover

Tanya Glover

Tanya Glover is a freelance writer obtaining her Masters degree in English Non-Fiction Writing. She is educated in psychology and criminal justice as well. The mother of four children, Tanya currently resides in North Carolina and is a social justice advocate with a big mouth that will not and cannot be silenced.
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