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How long has it been since Grand Theft Auto last graced my Xbox 360? Way too damn long that is how long. But in Rockstars’ defense it has been worth the wait every time they have put it out. SO to say when GTA V was announced I nearly crashed the lambo going 135 on the highway to my local GameStop would not be an exaggeration. (Well except for the lambo part, that might have been Jay-Z and not me)

GTA V is schedule to land in my entertainment system on September 17th, for all current gen consoles. But details and videos have been scarce since the initial announcement trailer. However, that all changes right this moment as a Rockstar has released the first in game video footage to its eagerly anticipating audience.

I cannot believe this game is coming out on current generation systems only, as judging from the footage Rockstar’s aim is to show that for the past 7 years developers have been slacking in putting their all into developing for the systems. As Rockstar is packing a mammoth amount of data into this game. To start you are playing a single player game with three main characters with their own stories.

  • Micheal- A former bank robber from the East Coast who got a sweetheart deal with the FBI
  • Trevor – A sleazy, trailer park criminal counterpart to Michael
  • Franklin – From South Los Santos, Franklin is an ex-street gangster

What makes this the most intriguing to me is the dynamic that Rockstar is trying to create by instantaneously allowing you to switch between these characters at any time. This I can only imagine will create endless strategy opportunities and ways to carry out the numerous missions in the game. This revolutionary gameplay is not just limited to scripted scenes as typically done in third person partner games, but at all times. Whether you are just out golfing, shopping, getting tattoos or cruising for prostitutes. You will be able to peek in on your characters voyeur style in their everyday lives.

The trailer gives you a massive overview of Los Santos, a fictionalized version of Los Angeles. Undoubtedly this quick view that Rockstar has given us is absolutely amazing. From the ocean, to the backwoods, to the urban outskirts of the city, even into the most beautiful mountain scape this side of Red Dead Redemption it is gorgeous. Speaking of which hunting has made its way from the afore mentioned Red Dead Redemption into GTA V, adding yet another diversion in a game surely filled with them, as you can play tennis, cycle and even golf. From the trailer and pedigree of the developer it also appears that these are not hastily assembled add ons, but mini games with the mechanics of full-fledged sports games.

It also appears that the game offers some destructible environments, as well as some GTA staples brought to the year 2013. You’ll be able to spend the money you steal to do things like get tattoos, acquire cars, buy stock and invest in real estate via the internet.

It is difficult to tell but it looks like the shooting mechanic that is usually a bit loose to say the less seems much tighter from the trailer. Seemingly it appears that they may have learned a lot from the development of Max Payne as it closely resembles that game when it comes to shooting.

All sorts of new animations can be seen in this trailer, from scuba diving to scaling a building using a grappling device, only to crash through a window and hold someone in an office hostage.

The end of the trailer offers us a brief glimpse at Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer aspect of Grand Theft Auto 5, of which Rockstar said that they would be giving more details about in the future.

According to an official comment posted to Rockstar Newswire, the trailer was “captured with footage from the PS3 version of the game.”

That it for now stay tuned for more news as it happens. Enjoy the trailer! Be sure to get a towel before clicking play. You’ve been warned.

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