The First 5 Things You Must Do in GTA V

The time is almost here! Grand Theft Auto V is probably the most anticipated game of the year and it’s going to be lining store shelves very soon. There’re a lot of great games out there right now, but I’m most likely going to put them on the back burner as soon as I get my hands on GTA V. I’m extremely excited about this game. There’s a lot of trailers for the game on the Internet right now and I haven’t heard anything bad about it so far. There’s going to be so much to do in this game that it’s probably going to keep me busy for a long time to come.

I can’t wait to start going through the main mission and also doing some of the side missions. However, there’s much more to GTA V than just missions. There’s so much that’s been added in the latest installment of the series that I may not know where to begin, but I’m extremely excited to try certain things out. In this list, I’m going to go over the first 5 things I’m going to do in GTA V.

Fly an Airplane

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for having a slew of different vehicles that you can hop in and start exploring the massive GTA universe. There’s cars, helicopters, boats, etc… There are also some new vehicles that you can get behind the wheel of. There are at least two new additions I know and I’m pumped for them! You can explore the great blue deep in a submarine or you can fly through the open skies in an airplane, which is what I’m most excited about. I have a feeling that I’m going to waste countless hours in the cockpit of an airplane in GTA V.

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Rob a Bank as Jason Voorhees

Grand Theft Auto V is all about doing things that you could never get away with in real life. Therefore, I want to rob a bank. However, I want to rob the bank dressed as one of my favorite horror icons of all time: Jason Voorhees. I’ve seen pictures of characters in GTA V wearing masks and in one of the pictures I saw a character wearing a Jason Voorhees mask. This is the closest you’ll ever come to seeing Jason Voorhees in a video game, unless you’re one of the few that owned the Friday the 13th video game for the regular Nintendo. Also, it’s Friday, September the 13th as I write this. Therefore, I’m definitely in the Voorhees spirit!


Go to a Movie Theater

Going to the movie theater in real life is one of my favorite things to do. In GTA V, you can enjoy a movie by yourself or with some of your online friends. I’m not sure what movies they’re going to include in the game and you probably won’t want to sit through a movie for its entirety, but it will definitely be fun. It may even remind me of the old Netflix on Xbox 360 when your avatars could sit down in a theater and watch a flick together.


Hit the Strip Club

Grand Theft Auto is known for having some very graphic elements in the game and some of them are of a sexual nature. I mean, what other game is going to let you have sex with a hooker behind some bushes and then kill her for her money? Well, in this game, you can go to a strip club for some entertainment. However, you have to keep your cool or else the bounces could end up tossing you out.

GTA V Strip Club

Go to the Bank

Okay, this is a feature that I’m not exactly pumped to do, but it’s most likely one of the first 5 things I’m going to do in the game. In previous installments of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, you walked around with your money on-hand at all times. However, in GTA V, you need to deposit your money in the bank for safe keeping. If you ever want to take money out, you have to go to the bank and withdrawal it from an ATM machine. If you die in GTA V, you will lose all of the money on you, because other people will come by and steal your wallet from your dead body. Therefore, it’s a good practice to go to the bank and go to it often.

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