Call of Duty: Ghost Will Require a 64-bit OS on PC

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like the few who doggedly stick to Windows XP or any other 32-bit OS are finally getting left behind.  Call of Duty: Ghost will require a 64-Bit OS, as well as some other steep requirements like 6GBs or RAM and 40GBs of hard drive space.  It’s also not advisable trying to run the game on anything less than a GeForce GTS 450 or Radeon HD 5870.

This shouldn’t seem like much of a shock, as anyone with a machine that came with Windows 7 is likely running the 64-bit version, but there are a few who have gotten stuck with the 32-bit version for one reason or another.   It’s true that the 32-bit version of 7 has full 16-bit DOS support, but DOSBox solves that problem for everyone else.  The real losers are those who have doggedly stuck with their XP rigs, using various tricks to make their older OS run newer versions of Direct X.  It’s understandable; in some ways there was no reason to upgrade until now.   It’s a real shame for those who have a 64-bit processor (as most are these days) but have somehow gotten saddled with the 32-bit OS.  It happens more often than you think, and it looks like those poor few will have to pony up the cash for an OS upgrade.

Looks like it’s time to upgrade with the times.  Look on the bright side, 64-bit OS’s are able to use way more RAM than their 32-bit counterparts.

Zachary Freeman

Zachary Freeman

When not out saving virtual worlds, Zachary Freeman is a tech and video game blogger with a passion for history and news. A former business owner, he also dabbles in market analysis and news, mostly focusing on the tech industry.