Guy Builds Bomb with Materials Available After TSA Checkpoints

In another case proving how mediocre our policy makers are at times in trying to “protect” us, we have You Tube contributor Terminal Cornucopia showing off some serious holes in TSA security. Cornucopia managed to make a home-made “FRAGGuccino”, exclusively made from materials readily at hand at airport stores and airport kiosks, otherwise known as shopping areas, available after TSA security checkpoints. The TSA and DHS in all their infinite wisdom are so careful to make you take out any liquid,gel,or lotion greater than 3.4 ounces as well as placing several other restrictions, that they somehow over looked that maybe someone with nefarious intentions would be able to buy a stainless steel mug, condom,deodorant,water and a lithium battery.

Terminal Cornucopia successfully constructed and detonated an improvised frag grenade. The short chemistry lesson here is that basically the water filled condom breaks upon being thrown which then shorts the battery, the battery short generates just enough heat to ignite the container of Axe body spray. This torrent of events turns the stainless steel mug into a shrapnel bomb. And I shudder to think of what they could do if they had pewter in the lid and an all metal coffee cup instead of one with a plastic lid.

Terminal Cornucopia does point out that this was done in a lab and is general public knowledge even though he has gone the extra mile to notify the authorities of this potential breach.

This quick chemistry lesson goes to show that airport TSA security is largely just a show to make you feel safe, it doesn’t accomplish much other than slowing down the flow of travel traffic and inconveniencing honest travelers

The video demonstrates what prisoners in prison have been demonstration since the concept of prison has existed. People who point their energies towards doing harm to others will find a way no matter what. All someone needs is the desire to do wrong and they will do wrong. There is no legislation for this type of thought. All people need is time, knowledge, and a desire to accomplished a goal. It is humanities greatest strength, that is also our greatest weakness. We know we can do anything we put our minds to- some people just put their minds to wrong things.

So, be warned soon everyone carrying a coffee cup, deodorant, and a condom is now going to be labeled a terrorist by the TSA.

Lee Baines

Lee Baines

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