Atlus has keys to Sega’s Car: Where should they go?

Sega-Sammy COO Naoya Tsurumi said that Atlus has the open ability to pull from Sega’s dormant intellectual properties.  It’s an interesting prospect, as Atlus has been churning out some quality games as of late and could do some real good in reviving some of Sega’s history.  What should the focus on? Let’s take a look at five franchises we’d like to see revived by the RPG masters over at Atlus.

Phantasy Star


atlus-sega_phantasy_starLet’s start off with something that’s questionably dormant.  While it’s true that the Phantasy Star Online series continues with their free to play option that doesn’t have an official western release, the mainstay RPG series hasn’t been touched in ages.  It predates Final Fantasy as one of the earliest console RPGs, and the series is beyond worthy of some new entries.  Atlus would be the perfect choice to do something interesting and new, yet old school all at the same time.  Plus it would be great if they tapped them for a proper localization of Phantasy Star Online 2, there’s already a ton of western players running around the servers off of fan made translation patches, they should just go ahead and cash on wanting audience in the west.

Skies of Arcadia


atlus_sega_skies_of_arcadiaSkies of Arcadia was a classic RPG for the Dreamcast and later rereleased for the Gamecube and is long overdue for a proper sequel.  It was a bit ahead of its time with quite a large open world and unique ship combat and management mechanics that would do well in today’s market.  Atlus could do this series some real justice, especially on a modern console.

Dragon Force


atlus_sega_dragon_forceThis generically named RTS/RPG hybrid is a real gem and needs to see the light of day on modern offerings.  Atlus has a long history of strategy/RPG games, and they would be the best shot at re-releasing this lost classic and maybe creating a franchise out of the IP.


Panzer Dragoon


atlus_sega_Panzar_dragoonWhen you think of Panzer Dragoon you usually think of the on rails shooter, but there was an RPG called Panzer Dragoon Saga and it was amazing.  It’s one of the rarest Sega games of all time, and it was an amazing adventure that few had the chance to play.  Not only would it be worthy of an HD reworking, the entire Panzer Dragoon series needs to be brought back to life.

Altered Beast


atlus_sega_Altered_BeastWhat did you get with your shiny new Sega Genesis that did what nintendon’t?  Altered Beast, one of the most badass beat ‘em ups of all time!  It’s had some faltered attempts at continuing the franchise, but Atlus could really bring something special to one of our earliest Sega memories.  It’s Greco-Roman theme is ripe for RPG exploration and Atlus is the king of taking something off the wall like fighting games and beat ’em ups  and combining them with RPG elements while turning them into fully fledged adventures.  If anyone could bring back Altered Beast it would be Atlus, and maybe they could include some Golden Axe love too.    Wait, that’s six recommendations…

Now I can hear some of you out there crying “Why is Yu Suzuki’s masterpiece Shenmue not mentioned?” Well, honestly it wouldn’t be Shenmue if it isn’t made by Yu Suzuki and the fellows at AM2.  If it were made by anyone else it simply wouldn’t have the same magic.

So, there you have any games you would want to see Atlus revisit from the Sega Library?

Zachary Freeman

Zachary Freeman

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