E3 Rumors Gamers Should be Most Excited to See Come True

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In just over two months E3 will once again be upon us, and there are a lot of murmurs around the web about what gamers can expect to see.  Numerous sequels are up for grabs and in most cases far flung dreams collide with what gamers have desperately asked for (sometimes for years) – creating eventual disappointment.  Still, amazing things happen every E3 and here’s a short list of what some think we will see come June.

A New Gears of War


gears_of_war_e3This one is a bit of an easy pick because Microsoft recently acquired the franchise, and most think that they’ll come out guns blazing to try to retake some momentum in the console wars.  Officially, they announced that we would hear more details about the acquisition and what this means for the franchise later in the year, and most think that this means during E3.  I would be more surprised if we don’t see Gears of War at E3 than if we do.

Dino Crisis Coming Back


This one is an oddball.  Dino Crisis was always sort of a niche product, a combination of Jurassic Park and Resident Evil that was always overshadowed by its zombie infested big brother. Several sources have contradicted Capcom’s word on whether or not they are digging up some older properties, and said that Dino Crisis will be one of Capcom’s major showings at E3.  I might be in the minority, but I loved the first game so if they want to go back to a hard core survival horror game with super intelligent enemies I would be all for it.  Mostly I’d just like it if they released the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil 1 in HD and then work on a similar treatment for RE2, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope.

A New Resident Evil Title


Resident-Evil-7_e3Speaking of which, Capcom has heavily hinted that the seventh entry into the series will be announced this year.  Thankfully this next entry is promised to go back to survival horror instead of being a poor man’s third person shooter, but honestly if there was ever a series that I thought needed a reboot it would be Resident Evil.  The last two numbered titles really failed in the story department, completely ruining the pacing and narrative built up in its previous titles and I would rather Capcom just undo the whole Wesker clone mess. Instead, taking something like the Resident Evil 1 remake and reworking the controls and camera but leaving all of its narrative intact, and just move on from there.

Zelda for the Wii U


The Wii U has been hurting and Nintendo needs to break out with something that will help sell the system, which leaves most people putting their bets on a Zelda announcement this year.  My take is that a solid Zelda title is probably still a long way away even if they do hit us with an announcement for a Wii U Zelda title come June, so I would hold back my excitement if I were you.

Uncharted 4


uncharted_e3Naughty Dog has been going through some internal turmoil as of late and there has been some worry that the Uncharted franchise has been hurt by these issues, but in spite of this it looks like Uncharted 4 should be at E3 this year.  Naughty Dog has been making waves with its other projects, so it’s likely they’ll have something for us at E3 but whether it’ll be Uncharted 4 is still up in the air.

Something else big from the big N


Like I said earlier, Nintendo needs to hit hard this E3 to get some steam going for the Wii U, and that means that the rumor mill is going into overdrive about what that could be. Some think that there will be a super-secret Smash Bros. and some think that they might try to hit us with some new properties.  I’d like to see a Metroid title by Retro on the Wii U or better still some solid third party support but Nintendo hasn’t put a lot of stock into the whole E3 thing for a few years now.  Instead I would put your eyes towards the Nintendo Directs as this seems to be their prime method of getting the word out there, but with their recent promises to rethink how they market their products they might have an ace up their sleeve that could steal the whole show so you never know.

Fallout 4


fallout_4_e3The Survivor 2299 hoax stung a lot of Fallout fans but many think that a Fallout using the engine improvements seen in Skyrim is due for at least a teaser this year and I’m inclined to agree.  Bethesda needs to set the record straight and they know the demand is out there, plus they’ve already said they’ve been working on a new Fallout title, so it would be criminal to leave us hanging for another year.

Dishonored 2


Speaking of Bethesda, a Dishonored 2 slide has made its rounds around the web leading many to believe that it will make a showing at E3.  It wouldn’t be out of the question, the title was popular and the recent release of the Thief reboot did more to remind people of Dishonored than of the old Thief titles, so now would be the time to strike while the iron is hot if they want to make a franchise out of it.

A bunch of next generation Virtual Reality stuff


After the Facebook/Oculus debacle we should be prepared to see a ton of competitors showing their stuff off at E3.  Namely, Sony has it’s project Morpheus out there now and they will likely make it a big part of their presentation along with a ton of third party support as they attempt to hold on to the their title as king of the hill.

Half Life 3


Hey, Duke Nukem Forever finally came out so anything’s possible right?

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