Professor Layton and the Arzan Legacy Review- Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is a Nintendo 3DS puzzle/adventure game made by Level-5.

In the last game in the Professor Layton series as a whole, players will be able to go through over 150 different puzzles in the game on top of various mini-games and a years’ worth of puzzles downloaded over Nintendo’s wifi access. As the last adventure in the current trilogy of games, Professor Layton and the Arzan Legacy pits the trio of Layton, Emma, and Luke on an epic adventure to solve the mystery of the ancient Arzan civilization. Along the way players will solve over 500 puzzles, find and solve mysteries, and tie up the story started with The Last Spector. An enjoyable game throughout, players will find a lot of variety leading up the game’s conclusion.

This review will be looking at this game as it’s own entity as I have only played the first game in the series briefly (Professor Layton and the Mysterious Village) and have not play this prequel trilogy that this entry servers as the conclusion for. Despite this, as a whole this game was very enjoyable despite not knowing callbacks to the previous games.


From the beginning the game plays like a point and click adventure. You use the stylist to go through the different scenes in the game looking for the various puzzles, talking to characters, finding hint coins and other collectibles. As someone who isn’t new to adventure this came very easy, but the tutorial during the intro of the game will be useful for new players by helping  ease players into learning the mechanics. This is also prevalent throughout, as new ways to interact with the world become available as part of the story.

professor_layton_and_the_azran_legacy_9The meat of the game rests within the puzzles and riddles players will find peppered throughout. While puzzles do pop up during the course of the narrative, there are a lot of opportunities to find hidden ones throughout each scene. This beautifully executed mechanic resulted in making me want to finding everything possibly available to interact with, just so I could find more puzzles  to solve.  As each puzzle is different from the last, it doesn’t take long to wish for the next one, and that’s a great positive.

While some were more difficult than others (and a few who’s answers weren’t easy to come by without either guessing or resorting to a guide), I never once felt too frustrated enough to quit the game. On top of looking for puzzles in every nook and cranny of the screen, players can also find hint coins hidden away that provide what they promise. Some hints will spell out the answer, while others try to push you in the right direction.

professor_layton_and_the_azran_legacy_10Besides scene hopping and puzzle solving, players will also get the chance to play various mini-games that become available throughout the game. Ranging from playing fashion designer to garden organizer, these completely optional games provide a nice break from the puzzle solving and add to the already massive content the game provide.

In addition to the puzzles that are included in the game, players with access to wifi will have the opportunity to download addition puzzles through out the year. This makes the game an even greater value as players can continue to enjoy original content well past the conclusion of the main story.

In conclusion, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy feels like a worthy addition to anyone’s adventure game collection. While the story was great, I did feel a little left out when it made references to previous titles in the series. Despite this, I was more than happy to go through the game, enjoying its narrative and getting caught up during the final moments.

The main reason why gamers won’t be able to put this game down is because of the thought provoking puzzles. Ranging from riddles, logic, math, and color coding puzzles, there was a lot of variety and I couldn’t wait to find them all.

As someone who wasn’t new to the series but new enough for it to be fresh, I can recommend this game to those wanting a good starting point. Being that I was able to enjoy the game coming into it blind, I can assure players who are veterans of the series that there is a lot to like and there is no doubt in my mind that they will enjoy this conclusion to one of the smartest puzzle solving professors there is.

Professor Layton and the Arzan Legacy was reviewed with a retail copy provided by Nintendo

Cody Dietrich
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Cody Dietrich
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