N64 Wii U Virtual Console Top 5 Wish List

Who’s ready to finally play some Star Fox 64, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros, and more classic N64 games natively on the Wii U without booting into Wii mode? Eagle eyed Nintendo fans noticed and update on their Virtual Console website stating that N64 games may be coming very soon.

This has me very excited as I personally don’t use the Wii mode at all on my home console but have purchased many Virtual Console titles since it was released on the Wii U. So far no titles have been announced for the catalog, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start making wish lists for it. That is the very reason why I am making my top 5 N64 games I’d like to see get released for the console.

To be fair to you, the readers, and not to be cheap or lazy, I have excluded games that will more than likely see a release on the system. That’s including the games listed above, other first party titles like Zelda, Pokemon, other Mario games, and so on. Instead this wish-list is made out of games that make gamers nostalgic for the N64,and went beyond the more recognizable Nintendo icons. Feel free to comment below on your top 5 most wanted games. Before I get to it, here are the honorable mentions that, while I would LOVE to have them show up, there are other games that are absolute necessities.

WII U N64 Wish List Honorable Mentions


And now in no particular order, here are the top 5 games that need to grace the WII U Virtual Console immediately from the N64 generation.


Conker’s Bad Fur Day


One of the very rare M-rated games to grace a Nintendo console back when they were still using cartridges, Conker was a character that was featured in Diddy Kong Racing before making the jump to a solo adventure. An open world action game in the same vein as Banjo Kazooie (another character from DKR), this game had anything and everything that warrented it’s Mature rating: cursing, blood, gore, sexual imagery and themes, pop culture galore, and a giant talking poop monster. Despite (or perhaps because of) all that, the game saw a good following by having great controls, varied levels, and just an overall fun factor. It had so much popularity that Rare decided to remake the game for the X-Box when they moved to Microsoft, which sadly probably puts this as the most unlikely to be released for Wii U.


WWF No Mercy

conkers-bad-fur-day-n64As a self proclaimed wrestling fan and gamer, my all time favorite games in genre were released on the N64. Starting with WCW/NWO World Tour, then WCW/NWO Revenge, THQ became a very prominent name in the wrestling game circles. Fan fare ensued then when they were given the license to make games based on the WWE, which they did up until they sold the rights to 2K Sports last year. Under the WWE umbrella they made WWF Wrestlmania 2000, followed up WWF No Mercy. On top of their trademark control system feature weak and strong strikes and grapple moves, along with an amazing counter system, it featured a robust career mode, custom wrestler creations, create a PPV, and many unlockables. In fact, there was rumors at one point that WWE/THQ were going to release this on the Wii Virtual Console with an updated roster, but with THQ being out of business it remains to be seen if that happens. I’d be happy with the original though.


Bomberman 64

Bomberman_N64One of the very early N64 games,  Bomberman 64 is a game I would love to relive just because it was one of the first games I beat on the system. However the main reason it should be released on the Wii U is very simple: the multi-player!  With the N64’s four controller ports, Bomberman 64 was one of the first games that shown the potiential of how fun party games could be on the console, a trend that Mario Party would follow much later. The main game was no slouch though. Featuring numerous worlds and bosses, there were also many different bombs to use, and puzzles to solve. Not to mention the various secrets in the game that would in turn unlock customizible outfits for multiplayer. A must have for Virtual Console.


Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Mystical_Ninja_Starring_GoemonShort reason – an awesome theme song, mecha robot fights, massive world, and you ride a dragon!  Long reason: Niche titles were few and far between back before the PS2 and beyond started getting them due to awesome companies such as Aksys, NIS America, Namco, and Atlus. Nintendo as a company felt as though games that were hugely popular in Japan would not get the same reception due to the huge reliance on Japanese culture in them. Mystical Ninja is by and far a game that celebrates the normal and weird side of the country’s game themes like mecha robots, heavy use of dragons as mystical creatures, dumplins, fortune tellers, samurais, power levels, and more. Honestly, this is what made this game stand out to me. On top of being an awesome open world action adventure game with RPG elements, it had a ton of charm that can’t be denied, with laugh out loud moments around every corner. The music is also great, with a theme song accompaning the intro, and even the mecha robot getting his own song as well, with both being in the native Japanese. Writing about this now probably makes this my most wanted off this list.


Mega Man 64

megaman_64_n64He may not be getting more games anytime soon, but Mega Man was once a huge part of the classic Nintendo library due to getting his start on the NES. The main series has spawned ten games, with many side and offshoot games spanning almost every major console and handheld but also many different genres. This game, which was originally released for the Playstation as Megaman Legends, was the first time the blue bomber went 3D (the only other time was the sequel, not released on Nintendo). Now I have to be honest as I have not played a lot of this game on either console it was released on, but there has been a huge following for it and it’s sequel, going as far as anticipating Megaman Legends 3 which was ultimately cancelled when the creator left Capcom. My main reason this should be released is so I, among other Nintendo fans, can have a chance to play this game after either it was accidentally missed or to have a chance to replay it and remember why it was so great.

So there are my five picks for what games are on my wishlist. Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

Cody Dietrich
Cody Dietrich starting gaming probably before he started talking. Currently doing IT support in both the military and for a living, he also balances being a husband, a radio co-host, and a gamer. Favorite games include Final Fantasy VI, F.E.A.R., Mario 64, and Bayonetta.
Cody Dietrich
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  • nlogklg

    You forgot allot of games, quest 64, sm64, ocarina of time and majoras mask, dk64, glover, gex, mario party 1 to 3 and paper mario


    DonaldHawkins541  Hell Yeah! oh & Kirby would be sweet to get too!

  • DonaldHawkins541

    Ok what would be crazy is if they did like goldeneye 64: remix and released it using the original game with slightly updated graphics and add online multiplayer cause I’d buy that in a heartbeat no matter the price.


    Quest 64,turoks, doom64, blast Corp, n mortal kombat4, along w those u said